About GrocerDirect

We’re committed to making every bite an unforgettable experience. Our Black Angus AAA Beef is meticulously aged to perfection, ensuring a flavour that delights. We take care to remove 90% of excess fats, leaving behind a beautifully marbled masterpiece for you to savour. This commitment to excellence extends across all our meats, from chicken to pork, seafood, and beyond. 

What Sets Us Apart

GrocerDirect distinguishes itself with a focus on quality, convenience, and sustainability. Offering quality meat, our user-friendly platform and flexible delivery options make your experience effortless. Committed to being your modern butcher, GrocerDirect delivers a seamless and responsible shopping experience for customers. 

Why Choose Us?


We are committed to premium, restaurant quality meat and seafood. We're passionate about the food you eat!


Our service standards are next level - satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We aren't satisfied until you are.


We will work within your budget saving you valuable time and delivering premium products right to your home.


We commit to a remarkable customer experience by understanding needs and going above and beyond!

Our Products

The quality of your products


At GrocerDirect, our chicken is sourced from Ferme des Voltigeurs.


Whether you're craving savory bites or sweet treats, our selection is perfect for any occasion, guaranteed to please your palate.


Our steak is carefully selected for its tenderness and flavour. Delivering exceptional taste and quality to your table.


Our pork provides a delicious and responsible choice for your meals.


Enjoy premium quality while supporting eco-friendly practices.

*Important Message RE Best Before Dates On Our Products: Since your meat products are flash frozen at production, any “best before” dates indicated are used by us for inventory control purposes only.*

Client Testimonials

Create Your Customized Menu!

GrocerDirect lets you customize your menu effortlessly. Explore fresh ingredients to create meals that match your tastes and dietary needs. With our user-friendly platform, meal planning becomes simple and enjoyable, whether it’s for everyday cooking or special occasions.

Need extra help? Schedule a visit from our experts who can assist you in crafting the perfect menu right at your doorstep.